Customer Service Overview

At Saudi Arabian Insurance Company (Damana), we always keep our promise to deliver effective and reliable insurance programs. Best practices are applied in program design, development, risk mitigation, sales support and program administration. 

We understand that every time you choose to use our services your first priority would be to receive Damana’s full support. That is why our strong commitment to you is to establish and to develop a long standing relationship built on integrity, trust and best business practices.
Our dedicated Customer Service team is carefully selected to serve a vital role as the main connection between you and us. They coordinate our planning, progress, and make certain that information is delivered to you in a timely manner and ensures all of our promises are kept. The Damana Customer Service team is surrounded by a professional technical team in all needed disciplines of our lines of business, including:
  • Regulatory and compliance expertise
    We work with clear and compliant regulatory disclosures.
  • Systems support
    Our IT supports all segments of our businesses which enhances the efficiency of delivery of service to our clients.
  • Customized, Comprehensive Services
    We work with our clients to customize insurance programs that specifically addresses their business needs. We help clients by minimizing administrative processes and leveraging technology to create sustainable solutions for long-term growth.
  • Claims handling expertise applied to all lines of business
    Our team brings significant marketing expertise to your program. That ensures a smooth claims process with fair and quick settlements.
  • Confidentiality
    All of the information provided is confidential and will be used solely for the purpose of developing a proposal for you.
For more information on Damana support, please email us at: