Special Achievers

The Company strives to identify, nurture and work to retain the high performers at all levels of the Company. It seeks to produce a cycle that, in the long term, will not only retain existing high performers, but create and attract more high performers and generate ever- improving standards of business and achieve Company results.
The Company identifies star achievers by:
  • Setting high standards which commonly are measureable business-based performance goals, job duties, activity objectives and competency standards.
  • Setting and communicating expectations to staff about their performance as well as the career and rewards consequences, which is normally processed by implementing the performance appraisal program.
Based on the outcome of the performance appraisal and evaluation of the staff, the Company allocated financial awards to reward the special achievers:
  1. Chairman Fund Award: The Chairman of the Group has set aside a special fund to reward the exceptional achievers. Each and every staff member is encouraged to achieve high level of performance to qualify for the financial award.
  2. Service Award: The Company has developed an award system in recognition for its long serving staff members. It rewards the dedicated staff for their loyalty and commitment by financial awards based on the number of years they have served the Company.